What is a Service?

A service is a regular maintenance of a vehicle after certain millage or time. It involves mainly checking systems, adjustments and replacements too. There are different service procedures for different brands and different models which have been recommended by vehicle manufactures. For instance, servicing a Toyota Corolla is different than servicing a BMW 320 or an Audi A6. Also there are different levels of services for the same vehicle that depends on many factors.

Our technicians are specialised in most brands and models of vehicles on the road today. So, you will be given a dealer standard service by our well experienced technicians.

Mainly we have two different types of services, express service and comprehensive service. Also, we do other major services too. We decide what's the most suitable service type for your vehicle and will discuss with you before we go ahead.


  • Engine oil Replacement with Castrol oil
  • Oil Filter Replacement with a high-quality filter
  • Check and Clean Air Filter

Best Seller

  • Engine oil replacement with Castrol Oil
  • Oil filter replacement with a high-quality filter
  • Check and Clean Air Filter
  • Check and Clean Cabin Filter
  • Check the Radiator & Cooling System
  • Top up Coolant
  • Check Brake fluid and Braking System
  • Check and clean brake pads/ Shoes
  • Inspect and adjust parking brake
  • Check clutch & Fluid level
  • Check power steering & Fluid Level
  • Check Transmission/Gear fluid level & condition
  • Check Transfer Case oil level & Condition
  • Check Differential oil level & Condition
  • Visual check Drive belts
  • Check spark plugs & leads
  • Battery Test
  • Alternator test
  • Check and top up Windscreen washer fluid
  • Check Windscreen washer nozzles
  • Check and Lubricate Steering Components
  • Check suspension, axle and drive shaft etc
  • Lubricate locks and hinges etc
  • Check tyres and tyre pressure
  • Inspect Exhaust
  • Reset service interval indicator using diagnostic equipment.
  • Extra Works may be carried out depending on the vehicle and mileage.
  • Wash and vacuum the vehicle

Why you need to service your vehicle?

Over time, engine oil will be degraded or contaminated by the heat and the pressure inside the engine. So, after a certain millage, engine oil is unable to protect the engine due to oil thickening, sludge, deposit formation and corrosive wear too. All these nasty elements can take toll on your engine. Do you want those trouble makers to knocking around your engine parts?

After a certain mileage same thing will happen to Gear box oil / Automatic Transmission fluid, Brake fluid and axle oil / Differential oil too.

Is that enough to replace only engine oil and oil filter at a service?

Except engine parts, there are lots of other moving parts as well in a vehicle. For instance, steering components, suspension components, braking components and axle components too. Moving parts mean there will be wear and tear after every moving cycle. After a certain amount of wear and tear there will be excessive paly in these components which will be initiate many other troubles in your vehicle. For instance, Oil leaking, unusual noises or vibrations, steering or handling issues and braking issues etc.

In Short, your vehicle needs to be checked by an experienced technician after certain mileage to decide what parts should be replaced, what should be adjusted and what should be cleaned etc. Very important matter to keep in your mind replacing engine oil and oil filter is not a service, it's a part of a service.