Exhaust Fitting & Service

Exhaust manifold, gasket, fastener, joint, catalytic converter, muffler, tailpipe, emission inspection, fitting and servicing.

Did you know:

If you hear a rattling noise coming from your car's exhaust or notice any other signs which might indicate a problem with the exhaust system, it is strongly recommended that you address the problem before it gets worse, especially if your vehicle is due for WOF or COF test. Even a small issue with your vehicle's exhaust system can lead to WOF or COF.

Why Caring For Your Exhaust System Is Important

The exhaust system is a crucial part of your vehicle. It prevents exposure to harmful gases by venting fumes away from the interior of the vehicle. It also helps to maintain the fuel efficiency of your vehicle. The system works constantly once you turn on your engine. The majority of modern cars have a catalytic converter as a part of the exhaust system. The main purpose this is to reduce harmful pollution from the gases emitted by the exhaust system.

The catalytic converter is an important component of the WOF/COF and car service. It may get damaged when excessive amount of oil enters the component. Damage may also occur when your car's engine is not tuned properly.

Our Exhaust Solutions Include

Immediate, quality replacement of parts for exhaust systems and catalytic converters for all cars and many other vehicles We can also fit an entirely new exhaust system if needed All our exhaust parts and catalytic converters come with manufacturer's warranty.

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